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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Whether it’s milk, dark or white chocolate this unique food has always been associated with pleasure, but can chemistry tell us why? Our craving for chocolate may arise from its chemical nature like the sugar, fat, caffeine, and other compounds. Furthermore, our desire may be driven by the sensory properties of chocolate, which include aroma, sweetness, and texture. On Valentine’s Day, the American Chemical Society is hosting a webinar on the chemistry of… Read More

Dr. Tyler Moore and Bellevue University alum Jennifer Mather recently published a paper on their research into how viruses can avoid being eliminated by the immune system in order to persist in their hosts. The paper is published in mBio, an open access journal within the American Society of Microbiology, and can be viewed here: The work was accomplished in collaboration with Dr. Kim Hasenkrug of the National Institutes of Health… Read More

The Bellevue University Science Lab was awarded funding from the Greener Towns Program to complete public landscape improvements on their campus. This is one of 14 projects in the state to receive funding aimed at improving green infrastructure for pollinator habitat, managing storm water or accomplishing other economic, environmental, aesthetic and social goals. Dr. Tyler Moore applied for the funds and will coordinate the project to be completed in 2019. The Greener… Read More