BU SUST student helps fight coronavirus pandemic spread

During this growing pandemic, many organizations and companies are doing their part in preventing and limiting the spread of the coronavirus. This often takes significant changes and adaptations to the company production lines and strategies. Valero, a global energy company with several ethanol and renewable energy plants, started producing hand sanitizer at their Hartley, Iowa ethanol plant earlier this week.

Beth Young testing the proof of the ethanol produced for hand sanitizer production at the Hartley Valero plant.

One of Bellevue University’s students, Beth Young, who is a senior in the Sustainability Management program, is employed at Valero and has been involved firsthand in this transition. “While it’s been kind of fun to make this transition, it has also been extra long days”, Beth says. 

That doesn’t mean that she is forgetting her studies and materials she is learning in the program. Beth is current in SUST 430 Leadership in Sustainability, where there is an emphasis on sustainable quality leadership development, and she commented: “I was teaching and implementing Kaizen and other lessons from 5S to our plant manager while him and I were setting up an area to label and ship from.” Flexibility and continuous innovation are part of the leadership lessons and Beth’s example is a true testimonial of the real learning for real life approach. 

The hand sanitizer that they produce will be distributed to ethanol plants and refineries and to health care organizations and first responders to make sure they have what they need to win this fight.

For more information check out the Valero Facebook page:

For more information on how hand sanitizer (and specifically the alcohol) works against bacteria and viruses by denaturing their proteins, you can check out the CDC page:


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