The goal of the Pre-Health Professional Organization at Bellevue University is to equip students who are interested in gaining acceptance to a healthcare program with the knowledge and resources needed to become competitive applicants. The PHPO is an excellent place for students to collaborate with other pre-health students, gain experience by volunteering and shadowing in the community, attend workshops, prepare for entrance exams, receive pre-health advisement, and attain a comprehensive understanding about careers and issues in the healthcare field.


The purpose of this organization is to offer guidance, knowledge, and opportunity to Bellevue University students wishing to advance their education:
-By equipping the University’s students with the knowledge to become a competitive candidate.
-By involving students in the community through volunteer and workshop  opportunities.
-By assisting in the selection of potential health professional schools and exploring various career options.

PHPO Constitution:



Interested in joining the PHPO? Contact Dr. Tyler Moore.

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