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Monthly Archives: March 2020

Wonder if this social distancing is worth it and how the COVID-19 spread work? Here is a short video explaining coronaviruses, the differences with the flu, and what you can do to slow down the spread of it: For up to date stats on COVID-19 cases and mortality rates in the US and Canada, we recommend the following link: And of course check out the CDC website for current information and… Read More

COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus, has captured the attention of scientists, healthcare professionals, and concerned citizens. One way to improve public health efforts to slow COVID-19 spread is to know who is infected. If you have been glued to all the updates, you may have heard that the test uses “RT-PCR.” If you are not a biologist (or not a biologist with a molecular biology background), you may have heard that… Read More

The outbreak of a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has now become a pandemic threat that has been declared a public health emergency of international concern. Although it is hard to predict the future expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic, disease experts agree that it is still going to spread in most places. For an updated live tracking of COVID-19 cases, check out For a detailed updated overview of the features, evaluation and treatment… Read More

Story written by┬áMargie McCandless What is going on in the area of campus just to the north of the Learning Center? You might have noticed that space was cleared, large landscaping pavers installed, and little plants appeared everywhere on the hill. This is actually a garden of native Nebraska plants and just the beginning of a three year innovative project, the Bellevue University Sustainability Learning Lab. Partially funded by a $200,000 grant… Read More