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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Last Friday several of our biology students visited the Methodist Hospital Microbiology and Pathology lab in Omaha. The Methodist Pathology Center provides clinical and anatomic pathology services to medical facilities, physicians and other health care providers throughout Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. The tour is an optional, yearly activity that is open to all of our science students, however it is typically part of our Microbiology or Anatomy and Physiology classes, because those… Read More

Some students spend their summer traveling exotic locations or working boring summer jobs. Sydney Robertson, a senior Biology student, decided to spend her summer in the lab solving the genome of Rhodopseudomonas rutila (and seven other bacterial genomes). Besides gaining valuable technical and research skills, this also resulted in a recent publication in the journal Microbiology Resource Announcements, entitled: Draft Whole-Genome Sequence of the purple nonsulfur photosynthetic bacterium Rhodospeudomonas rutila R1. These… Read More

There are many ways to do a lab notebook.  Here is how mine is put together and some suggestions for improving your lab notebook game. My top priorities for a lab notebook: 1. Easy to enter information  -If making lab notebook entries is cumbersome, you won’t keep up 2.  Easy to find information -If you want to repeat an experiment with the same doses or see if your calculations from a previous… Read More

Bellevue University does not have traditional classes on Fridays, but the Science Center of Excellence is open from 8AM until 4PM each Friday during the term! This Open Lab format allows students and researchers full access to all facilities, faculty and staff, and equipment to learn laboratory operations, conduct research, study and just hang out with our resident scientists. Free Lab Fridays are a great way for students, faculty, lab staff and… Read More

Forget the Oscars, if you are in scientific research, the Golden Goose awards where it’s at. Did you ever think basic research on chicken eggs or goose glands or on the imperfections of the human brain could lead to anything more than feeding scientific curiosity? Neither did the scientists initially studying these and yet now this research is considered foundational in immunology and human psychology. Those are just some examples of the… Read More

Amiera Rayyan, who completed her Bachelor of Science in Biology at Bellevue University in June, has recently had two papers published in Microbiology Resource Announcements. The first paper is entitled Draft Whole-Genome Sequence of the Purple Photosynthetic Bacterium Rhodopseudomonas palustris XCP, while the second is Draft Genome Sequence and Brief History of Rhodovulum sp. Strain BSW8. Rayyan served as the lead author of the papers. Co-authors are Terry E. Meyer from the… Read More