John Kyndt

Dr. John Kyndt

Associate Professor of Microbiology, Nutrition and Sustainability

College of Science and Technology

Twitter: @Jkyndt

Faculty page:



  • Degrees:Ph.D. Biochemistry (2003), University of Ghent (Belgium); Master in Biochemistry (1997), University of Ghent (Belgium); Bachelor in Chemistry (1993), University of Ghent (Belgium); Associate Certificate in Entrepreneurship (2010), University of Arizona
  • Specialization(s): Scientific: renewable fuel research, photobiochemistry, optogenetics, and water purification. Entrepreneurship: business plan development, financial projecting for new innovations, project planning and supervision of technology ventures.

Research: Biofuels (specifically adaptation of algae for enhanced fuel production); biochemistry and molecular biology (genetic manipulation of algae and bacteria); cytochrome bc1 complex; disaccharide phosphorylases; bacterial photoreceptors and optogenetics.

One of the main goals of the new science lab project was to make science more accessible.

“The biggest thing we set forward was ‘Science on Display’. So having science more visible to students — showing what we’re doing and getting people curious. Breaking down the idea that science is in some ivory tower and nobody can watch it or touch it. Science is not a scary thing. It’s something that we have fun with and you can come join us.”

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