A fascination with sharks extends well beyond Discovery channel’s “Shark Week” for one Bellevue University student.

Taylor Fluellen, a senior, is very passionate about being a shark biologist. She is so enthralled with those mysterious, menacing sea creatures that Taylor spent her final year in the Biology program preparing a research thesis under the direction of Dr. John Kyndt, on the longevity of sharks.

She wanted more than to research how long they live, however. She wanted to study them up close. This year, after a previous unsuccessful attempt at applying to the Bimini Biological Field Station Foundation, she was accepted for a two month summer research program at the Bimini Sharklab (http://www.biminisharklab.com/). From Aug 15-Oct 15, 2018, she will be in the Bahamas helping with shark research and learning firsthand about the life of a shark biologist (it’s a tough life being a scientist). When she returns from the islands, she will complete her degree program during winter term.

We will follow and report on more of Taylor’s adventures with Jaws as they surface….

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