Reimagining the Teaching Lab

In early 2017, Mike Hamilton, Design Principle at HDR Inc. (an Omaha-based firm specializing in architecture, engineering, environmental and construction services), sat down with Professor John Kyndt from Bellevue University for a dialogue about “how educators are adapting to the ever-changing education landscape.”

Professor Kyndt envisioned the design “of a new type of teaching lab that would meet the changing needs of undergraduate science curricula and of higher education as a whole.” The following article focuses on describing those changes, along with “the emerging role of inquiry-based education, and how this all informed a collaborative effort to create a ‘Science, Research and Demonstration’ Lab,’” designed and built by HDR. Read the entire article here:

Re-Imagining the Teaching Lab for Inquiry-Based Learning

 (Originally published on June 1, 2017 by HDR Inc. HDR’s Adaptations publishes “a series of interviews with educators from around the world, representing diverse backgrounds, disciplines and institutions.”)

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