Dr. Moore explains how to make your own Dinosaur

During last weeks Lunch and Learn Seminar, Dr. Tyler Moore took us on a journey through time and animal evolution. In his talk on ‘Creating and Controlling Dinosaurs: The Science of Jurassic Park’, or ‘Making Dino’s for big kids’ as he called it, Dr. Moore explained what defines a dinosaur and what would be the most scientific way to approach reverse engineering a real dinosaur.


In his talk, he answered intriguing questions about where to find potential ‘dinosaur DNA’ as a template. (spoiler: No, it is not from an amber enclosed mosquito that he is using as a cane…). We also learned about how to make a chicken with dinosaur teeth and why the lysine contingency from the Jurassic Park movies would never work in real life (and neither did it in the movie). The more science inclined people in the audience also learned more about specific gene regulation and protein expression patterns that are important in developmental biology.


This was an inspiring talk that illustrates that true science facts can be used to distinguish fact from fiction in some of the wild ideas that are used in science fiction movies and books. It left the audience fascinated about the future possibilities of science, but also intrigued about ethical questions that motivate scientific projects.

Here is a link to the presentation if you are interested in learning more: https://mediastream.bellevue.edu/Mediasite/Play/8f5f4781d90743e98aa564feafc350a61d


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