King Science had a blast visiting BU!

On Friday a very enthusiastic and bright group of students from the King Science Health Career Academy visited Bellevue University and toured a variety of STEM related programs. The main purpose of the tour was to give the middle school students a better perspective on what possible careers they can go into in STEM.


We entertained them with an overview of what we do on a daily basis in our biology, chemistry and A&P labs. Seeing live tropical cockroaches, human brains and touching anatomical models is always a recipe for fun and excitement. Of course we couldn’t resist offering them a variety of (controlled) explosions, volcanoes and electrical blasts! To be honest, we (especially Johnny) like blowing things up as much as the students.


With the help of Oliver, Prof. Kim Brehm inspired the students by illustrating how educational technology can be used to make math fun and accessible. She provided a great overview of the necessity for math in every area of study, and amazed the visitors with the fact that her online students could do their course work in their pyjamas.

Prof. Dough Rausch opened up the visitors’ minds about the opportunities in the growing field of cybersecurity. Students were surprised by the fact that there is more to it than hackers with hoodies and that there are potential applications of cybersecurity in pretty much any aspect of our modern day lives. I’m sure he had at least a couple of them fantasizing about a job at the CIA or NASA (which would be awesome!).


We always enjoy having visitors interested in learning and we hope we inspired them to stay curious, keep asking questions and continue to learn more about science, technology and math!


King Science students

King Science students enjoying their lunch provided by CST.

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