Micro class tours Nebraska Brewing Co.

At the BU Science Labs we take the ‘real learning for real life’ quite literally, especially when it comes to brewing beer. Every year our Microbiology students learn in depth about fascinating metabolic reactions involved in the process of beer production. Students also have to come up with their own home beer brewing protocol as one of their assignments.

This turns out to be a very educational experience, as you have to understand the microbiology and biochemistry involved in order to write up a comprehensive protocol. In addition you learn some cool terminology like lauter tun, mashing and sparging wort, which makes you feel like knowing a different language and gives you some bragging points at your next party.Nebarska Brewing tour_0677.jpg

As a perfect closure of the fall term, our microbiology students got to tour the Nebraska Brewing Company and were able to see how this process runs in a small local industrial setting. During the tour student received an entertaining overview of the malting, mashing, fermentation and bottling process, and how different types of beers are produced. Of course, as good scientists do, there was some necessary sampling and testing involved during the tour as well!

Nebraska Brewing tour_0676.jpg

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