Love is in the air-Dare to Care Challenge!

Monday, February 14th is Valentine’s Day! This holiday is often met with both excitement and anxiety! There are many ways to show love on Valentine’s Day! Many animals in the animal world give gifts to either a loved one or people who have shown them kindness. For example, Gentoo penguins select the perfect pebble to give to their special someone. If you are looking for a unique Valentine’s Day gift for your special lady-you may want to take a page out of the penguin’s book!

Gentoo penguins give their special lady lovely pebbles for their nests!

For those of you wanting to branch out a bit for this holiday there are other kinds of love. One type of love is the love for your community! Many animals give gifts simply because they want others to feel special or to show their appreciation. Dolphins have been known to give gifts of fish to tourists, and crows have been known to give gifts such as twigs and keys they have found as signs of gratitude. This year, show your love for the Bruin community by performing various acts of kindness. Stop by Dr. Gaughan’s office, LCN 562, anytime between Monday February 14th and Friday February 18th and pick up a sweet treat, a Valentine, and a ‘Dare to Care’ challenge-a small challenge to spread some Bruin cheer to the surrounding community!

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