Current Research Projects

There are several benefits to participating in ongoing research projects at Bellevue University.  When you participate in ongoing research projects, the system is established and you can start experiments to answer interesting new questions shortly after you start your project.  In addition, when you join a current research project tightly aligned to a particular faculty mentor’s expertise, your faculty mentor is more equipped to train you in complex techniques and experimental systems.  Click below to explore some of the ongoing research projects and see if you find anything particularly interesting.  Feel free to contact the corresponding faculty if you are interested in joining a project or see the Student Research FAQ.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kyndt

Algal Biofuels

Environmental Microbiome

Photoactive Proteins




Faculty Mentor: Dr. Moore

Virus and Cancer Cell Signaling

Immune Pressure on Virus Evolution

Urban Ecology (including plants, pollinators, and microbial dynamics)

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