Free Lab Fridays at BUNSCE

Bellevue University does not have traditional classes on Fridays, but the Science Center of Excellence is open from 8AM until 4PM each Friday during the term! This Open Lab format allows students and researchers full access to all facilities, faculty and staff, and equipment to learn laboratory operations, conduct research, study and just hang out with our resident scientists.

Free Lab Fridays are a great way for students, faculty, lab staff and collaborators to take full advantage of the BUNSCE facility in a fun learning environment. As Johnny Farnen the lab manager jokes, “We blow something up at least once a week around here…sometimes even on purpose!” From conducting live demonstrations for tour groups to collecting specimens in the field, interested students gain invaluable experience in addition to the high tech education they earn at BU.


Often, movies from BU’s “Science of Science Fiction” Course start at noon, making for an entertaining lunch break. There is nothing quite like viewing hard science fiction with actual experts and PhDs providing commentary!

Free Lab Fridays also give students a “behind the scenes look” at the daily operations of the lab facilities. This allows them to gain experience in industry standard safety protocols they will need in the workplace after graduation. The program also makes for much more interactive office hours for Natural Sciences Faculty

The ultimate goal is for Bellevue University to continue to produce qualified Biologists, not just more science majors.

Free Lab Fridays is just one more way BUNSCE demonstrates we don’t meet standards- we set them, so come and join us!


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