The Golden Goose Awards are out!

Forget the Oscars, if you are in scientific research, the Golden Goose awards where it’s at. Did you ever think basic research on chicken eggs or goose glands or on the imperfections of the human brain could lead to anything more than feeding scientific curiosity? Neither did the scientists initially studying these and yet now this research is considered foundational in immunology and human psychology.

Those are just some examples of the type of research honored at the yearly Golden Goose awards. Check out this years and previous awardees here:

The stories told in the short videos highlight the importance of continuing funding for basic research. Not only does it broaden our knowledge of the world, you also never know what will lead to a groundbreaking innovation. As Stanley Cohen describes it in the Golden Goose Award video: “Scientific discovery is like growing a tree. New things keep popping up along the way and create new branches, and then you have to explore the branches. Every once in a while you will find a branch with a lot of nice fruits, but you don’t know in advance which branch that will be.”

Keep following your basic curiosity in science!


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