BU Sciences take home ‘Excellence in Innovation’ and ‘Excellence in Teaching’ awards.

Every year, Bellevue University recognizes and awards faculty for their contribution to teaching and service to the university. Peers and students have a chance to nominate the faculty for one of four awards. This year the science department took home two of the awards!

The ‘Excellence in Innovation Award’ recognizes innovation by faculty/staff that has a positive impact on the University and/or student learning, and is described as: “Innovation, for the purposes of this award, is defined as the introduction of a new technique/structure/idea/technology that addresses a specific problem or issue and has a demonstrative positive impact”.

The 2019 Excellence in Innovation was awarded to the science team: Dr. Scott Pinkerton, Dr. Tyler Moore, Dr. John Kyndt and Johnny Farnen.

The ‘Excellence in Teaching Award’ recognizes teachers that demonstrate mastery of:

  • High standards of teaching effectiveness.
  • Outstanding or innovative teaching techniques.
  • Positive reputation for teaching from the perspectives of students, colleagues, and alumni.
  • Evidence of sustained commitment to teaching.
  • Evidence of high levels of student learning or achievement.

This year’s Excellence in Teaching Award was given to Dr. Dr. Scott Pinkerton, Dr. Tyler Moore, and Dr. John Kyndt.

BU awards

Drs. Kyndt and Moore accepting the awards from Dean Dobransky at the Annual BU All Campus meeting.

The comments of the awards recipients illustrate their passion for science and continuing commitment teaching and innovation:

“We have made significant changes to the science curriculum, lab spaces and overall science education over the past couple of years and our students are now starting to see the benefits of this. We just do our jobs and have fun doing it, but it’s certainly great to see these efforts being recognized by our peers and the University” – Dr. John Kyndt.

“It is wonderful to be recognized by our peers that we don’t just meet standards…we set them!“—Johnny Farnen.

I really enjoy having the opportunity to spend time working closely with students, both in the classroom and the research lab. When I see the growth of a student from the beginning to the end of the program, or hear from graduates about how prepared they were for their jobs or subsequent education, that is the real reward.”—Dr. Tyler Moore.

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  1. Congrats to your team! You’ve got some awesome momentum going – keep it up!

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