BU Sciences in the news

The past few weeks we had several news reports about new developments at the BU Sciences.

New Bellevue University worm

One was the Bellevue Leader article about the discovery of a very unique flatworm species at the BU science labs. The worm is a local species that was discovered during regular field work with our students:



Screenshot 2019-08-23 09.45.54Another piece was a Fox 42 News story on the new Sustainability Outdoor Learning Lab that is being developed, and the NET grant that support part of the project. This was based on a recent talk we gave at Green Bellevue:


With the start of a new academic year approaching quickly, more cool stuff will be happening at the BU Science Labs soon. So keep an eye out for more intriguing stories or research projects, and come and join us if you like to do some research yourself!

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