Model Organisms and Cells

The majority of cell lines and model organisms used in classes and research are maintained in house.  This gives students the opportunity to learn animal husbandry and cell culture maintenance techniques.

We are adding model organisms to our collection frequently and are even culturing newly discovered species.  As such, this list should serve as a indication of the breadth of our species and cell lines but it is not intended to be exhaustive.  If you are interested in working with a particular organism or cell that isn’t on the list, you can contact the following people to determine if it is something we have available:

Model organisms:  Johnny Farnen,

Mammalian cell lines: Tyler Moore,

Algae/bacteria cell lines: John Kyndt,


Model Organisms:


Triops longicauda (gonochoric – hatch on demand)

Moina sp.

Ceriodaphnia sp.

Streptocephalus sp. (hatch on demand)

Gromphadorhina portentosa

Drosophila melanogaster (Bar, vg, ry, e)

Drosophila sp. (species TBD)

Gammarus sp.

Artemia salina (hatch on demand)

Vernal Clam Shrimp….likely Eulimnadia sp. (hatch on demand)


Nannochloropsis limnetica (freshwater)

Chlorella sp.


Nerites sp.

Lymnaea sp.

Planorbis sp.

Physa sp.

Planorbis sp. (bright orange strain)

Ferns and Allies- (Spores in stock Dec through May)

Matteuccia struthiopteris

Athyrium nipponicum

Conocephalum sp. (thallose liverwort)

Assorted mosses


Coleus sp. (no red pigment)

Coleus sp. (“standard” red/green)


Assorted species – mass culture


Paramecium micronucleatum

Numerous species “pond culture”


Numerous assorted genera


Hydra oligactis

Hydra viridescens

Mammalian Cell Lines:


Human Cell Lines:  monocytic leukemia

Mouse Cell Lines: macrophage, melanoma, leukemia, fibroblast

Hampster Cell Line: kidney fibroblast

Algae and Bacteria Lines:

coming soon

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